AG UNION as a limited liability company was established in 1991 with the aim of providing domestic and international investors with higher quality and more demanding services in the field of machine building.


Our manufacturing plant for small and medium sized products has a state of the art technology that allows a wide range of demands.

On-site assembly

Our technology expertise and our high level of professional experience make us able to produce various steel structures (roof structures, frame structures, crane tracks, carcases, etc.). Our profile includes the manufacture of steel structures with related machining work and on-site assembly of manufactured structures.
Our products are delivered with surface treatment suitable for different needs.

Manufacture and construction of steel structures

Our company chooses to manufacture and assemble various steel structures, which, if appropriate, include complete surface treatment, assembly of the structure and full covering of the raw materials required.
The enterprise carries out its activities with trained staff and has all the necessary conditions to meet the increasing needs in the manufacturing and installation sector and to provide its customers with the flexibility and productivity at present and to provide competitive services in the future.

Manufacture of sheet metal parts

We undertake the production of sheet metal parts in individual, small and mid-range production and cutting of sheet metal to size. Our company has cutting edge technologies such as CNC controlled flame cutting, water cutting, laser cutting equipment available today.
Production is optimized with the most economical utilization of the raw material.


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